How to apply for Mod/Admin

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How to apply for Mod/Admin

Post by kenna » Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:23 pm

We are now looking for mods.

There are some requirements like:

1. Playtime on the server for like 1-2 months
2. Be a good mod an a player, respect the rules.

How to apply:

1. register on this site.
2. Go to Profile and click Send Private message.
3. Choose group: Admins -> Add
4. Subject: Mod Application
5. Titles:
Gameserver# Altirust #1
Link to steam profile:
Ingame name:
Little something abour your self and why you think your're fit to be a Mod:

6. You will recive back when all the Admins have look at your application.

A Mod can only kick/tempban an have to always tell reason for why kick/tempban to admins.
A new mod has a temp for 1 month.
A mod will always have a yellow color in chat and a [MOD] in front.

If abousing, he/she will be banned from the server.
Server owner / Kenna / Altirust

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